Most medical insurance, federal and state programs may cover these payments.

There is variety of sources for financial assistance, ranging from long term care insurance to private funds or programs offered in the area by local, state or federal programs.

At Broward Adult Day Care Center, we are partnered with the following providers:

  • Amerigroup Healthcare
  • Humana Healthcare
  • Sunshine State Health Plan
  • American ElderCare


You can visit our facility for help completing the enrollment process, or you may contact us via telephone or FAX. Our staff can fax you the enrollment forms.

For those who do not have any affiliation with the above healthcares, below is the list of affordable prices:

  • $ 50 per day (Monday to Friday)  
  • $ 60 for only one day a week 


Monthly Cost of Care

  • Golden Age Adult Day Care= only $1,050 ($50 x 21 days)
  • Assisted Living= $4,000 ($133 x 30 days)
  • In Home Care= $3,570 ($170 x 21 days)
  • Nursing Home=$6,600 ($220 x 30 days)