Here at Golden Age Adult Daycare we are committed to providing individualized care and entertainment to meet the needs of the elderly in a loving, safe environment. Our goal is to provide a place where your loved one will enjoy daily participation in diverse activities that are specially designed to renew enthusiasm for life. They will have the chance to have fun and develop new friendships while receiving quality care and supervision.


We invite you or your elderly family member to stay at Golden Age Adult Daycare. We accept seniors who are experiencing a decrease in their social, physical and mental functioning. The services may vary depending on the needs of the individual – this is why we provide personalized care and also create separate meal plans for clients who have diet restrictions. We provide quality supervised care at affordable costs. We also accept private pay.

Non-Discrimination Policy
We are an equal opportunity senior services provider. Our facility does not deny admission for seniors aged 60 and up based on race, color, religion, sexual preference, payment method, national origin and ethnic background.

There are so many benefits that your elderly loved one can enjoy at Golden Age Adult Daycare, Primary family caregivers can receive respite from caregiving duties during the day.
Seniors are also given a level of independence from their caregivers. While staying at Golden Age Adult Daycare, they have access to educational and enjoyable activities. The place is secure so family members can have the peace of mind that their loved one is in good hands. Many of our seniors exhibit improved mental and Health capabilities throughout their stay

Our Mission Statement: To provide a lively, enjoyable, and safe environment for your loved one that will leave them satisfied and you, at peace.

 Golden Age Adult Day Care, is fully committed to helping you stay healthy during your golden years. At the center you are able to maintain a social life during the day and go home to your families at night.

Having an active senior life is possible with all the healthy activities that we have planned at Golden Age Adult Daycare.