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Golden Age Adult Daycare


Golden Age Adult Day Care Center offers a range of services and fun activities throughout the day. They are designed to promote mental and social stimulation to improve the every day life of your loved ones. We understand the importance of having a fun and engaging environment to promote social activities and professional supervision at all times. Golden Age Adult Day Care Center provides its participants everything they may need including, but not limited to, from scheduled leisure activities, delicious and nutritious food, all the way to supervised entertainment to improve their physical and mental abilities, while providing a safe environment and comfort for their families.

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Hours of Operation

Monday : 7:00AM to 6PM
Tuesday : 7:00AM to 6PM
Wednesday : 7:00AM to 6PM
Thursday : 7:00AM to 6PM
Friday : 7:00AM to 6PM
Saturday : 7:00AM to 6PM

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For individuals without insurance plans, we offer convenient and affordable payment rates, weekly, daily and hourly. Fees

Introductory Rates:
Daily Rate $60 Weekly Rates $275 1/2 Day rate $35

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